Here is our old/new Song „Prophet“!
We wrote the Song back in 2012 and finally completed the final version.
Ironically the song’s meaning fits to the actual events:
refugees, religious exploitation, etc..

People, stick together!

Originaly written in 2012.
We continued working on „carpe diem“ two years later,
to transform the song into a better expierience in quality and sound.
Production and mixing by Daniel Hren.

Drum recordings by John Higuera at Higuera Studio, N├╝rnberg.
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio, Nashville / Tennessee.
This is actually the first song that I made with Alain.
I’m very proud of this collab and therefore
I created a new master.
Have fun with it and support us! cheers.
Don’t forget to check his music at: @ariad-music on soundcloud.